Our Gift Basket


Each Basket Contains:
- CD of Ocean Music
- Lavender Candle
- Lavender Linen Spray
- Lavender Shower Gel
- Lavender Lotion
- Lavender Bath Sponge
- Keepsake Lighthouse
- "The Words of Dr. Gardner C. Taylor"

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A special collection of Sherri Arnold Graham's favorites is available to anyone in the storm of breast cancer.  A  CD of Ocean Music and a Medley of Lavender Blessings are delivered locally or shipped with love to transform the atmosphere upon arrival.  Every item has connection to her journey including the Lavender Linen Spray which was unknowingly sprayed on her hospital bed (by her husband Ernesto) and miraculously gave her the impression of turning ever so gently in a field of flowers as she emerged from anesthesia.  The Keepsake Lighthouse commemorates her description of the breast cancer journey as a physical and emotional storm wherein she experienced Lighthouse Signals from God, which still transcend the darkness and safely lead to shore.

The Gift Basket includes:
CD of Ocean Music, Lavender Candle, Lavender Linen Spray, Lavender Shower Gel, Lavender Lotion, Lavender Bath Sponge, Keepsake Lighthouse, and "The Words of Dr. Gardner C. Taylor."

Our Gift Baskets are Free of Charge to Anyone in the Storm of Breast Cancer. 

"After admitting my inability to wrap beautifully, I went to my dear friends Mr. & Mrs. Pat Crenshaw of Always Flowers by Crenshaw.  I continue to rely on their Award Winning Artistic Gifts to beautify the vision of this ministry.Visit their Website

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